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"Music's the only thing that makes sense anymore, man. Play it loud enough, it keeps the demons at bay"

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Easter was not the greatest this year..

for anyone who cares, i mean i need to vent and right now, i feel like the internet is the only source to really listen.. pathetic? i know. i do not how to deal with this type of feeling. i’m already a mess with my home life. Heres what happen, you that channel ID discovery? with all of the insane murder stories, well i watch those because im really into forensics. well when you watch those shows you always think to yourself “how on earth could i deal with such a thing” having a family member or someone very close to you, be murdered.. well i am now one of those people. My fathers best friend from childhood who i grew up with was murdered Easter morning. when i heard the news i went into total shock and froze. i don’t know what to do its only been two days or so and im a mess. Dealing with death is okay for me, im going to school for nursing so it is a easy feeling usually, but this is a totally surreal situation that i never thought i would have to go through.. ย i really need help and a friendly person to talk to who was ever went through a situation similar to this… or just a friendly person to talk to ?


Lindsay Lohan & Daniel Franzese, 2004/2014

(via pizza)


Day 15/30 - A Song That Describes You

I mean if he is not talking about me, then who is he talking about?

Sheโ€™s got tattoos and piercings/ She likes Minor Threat, she likes Social distortion

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